Imginn: Download Instagram Stories and Reels Anonymously

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Imginn: Download Instagram Stories and Reels Anonymously

ImgInn tool provides a way to watch and download reels, stories, and any content from Instagram without permission from the owner. And the best part is no one will get noticed who watches the reels and stories of their account so in this way it is anonymous.

 Viewing the story and reels of someone’s account seems to be okay, but sometimes we want to watch their reels and stories just in a secret way. Then how is it possible? And the answer is Imginn Instagram.

 It does not need any Instagram account to watch content from Instagram. Backup is also provided by this tool. You can take a backup information.

 So here we are going to explain in detail where we will try to deliver all possible information with facts so keep reading.

 Imginn: A Story viewer anonymously

 Imginn is an Instagram Backup tool that allows users to watch and save stories, reels, and photos without creating an identifiable account using public Instagram API.

 This API helps to post data and also helps to get or download stories reels and photos. This is a private API that helps to get public data.

 Now Instagram stories and reels can be watched without having an account. It provides all data just for free.

 So thanks to this amazing web app which makes downloading that in just one platform. Downloading and watching is not the only thing that this tool provides you can also highlight the reels, stories, photos, and videos.

 It allows its users to browse anything and can keep a backup of the content on Instagram if they want. It means Imginn com Instagram provides a backup facility to its users.

 It also provides to watch reels and stories without logging into users’ real accounts but if its user logged into his own real account then Imginn provides him to upload around 10 posts in a single day.

 The amazing fact is, you will get a bonus in every month of 50 photo credits by signing up for this brand-new invention.

  But users may face some copyright issues while downloading any content from Instagram using this tool as it does not verify any user information.

 Features of Imginn

Downloading other persons’ content from his account becomes much easier than anybody can think. No one can stop you to watch reels, stories, and photos privately. So that’s why Imginn followers become more popular among other apps. Here are some key features of it let’s have a look.

  • Watch reels, stories, and photos/videos anonymously.
  • Browsing anyone’s account on Instagram.
  • It is safe and reliable.
  • Downloading any type of content becomes easier.
  • Also, provide Instagram information backup.
  • Imginn. com provides full HD quality for watching and downloading reels, stories, and photos/Videos.
  • So it is free to use and no signup or registration is required.
  • It is very easy to use as it has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Users will get rapid search results.

How to download stories, reels and photos from Imginn

The main aim of Imginn is to download and watch content from Instagram privately. It allows you to download anything with or without logging into your real account or you may create an account for this. So here is the procedure for downloading content from Instagram.

  •  Visit the official page of on your mobile browser or PC.
  •  On the homepage, enter your desired profile name.

  •  Just wait for a second, all possible results will appear on the screen.
  • Select your desired account and click on it

  • Navigate to the posts or stories.
  • Click, view, and download it.

 How to use Imginn Tik Tok?

As it also works with Tiktok, many youngsters are very eager to use Tiktok. So it also provides the facility to view posts, and stories and tagged on Tiktok also. Here is how to use Imginn with Tiktok.

  • Just visit

  • The TikTok page will open.
  • Enter the required profile name in the search bar.
  • All the possible searches will appear. Select as demanded.

  • If you want to download it just click on the lower right corner.

Is Imginn safe to use?

As Imginn Instagram Viewer provides users to view content published by Instagram users all over the world. As it does not hack private accounts so we can say that it is pretty safe to use.

But if we talk about its privacy policies we did not find any of its authentic website owners. Many other websites ask for registrations for using their features but it doesn’t ask for any registration so we can say that it is safe to use.

It has a user-friendly interface which is very easy to upload and download anything on Instagram.

What factors make Imginn prominent among other platforms?

There are many features that make it famous among others. The main factor is that it will help to view stories without any registration.

 But it also supports multiple platforms which means viewing and downloading content on other social media platforms comes in one place.

 Clicking photos with accurate sizes and angles is very difficult but this tool makes it very easy by providing robust filtering options at one place.

 It provides some additional features to its registered users if you get registered, then enjoy additional features.   

Imginn Alternatives

I think you have gained much knowledge about this tool but it is necessary to know about some other alternatives. Here is a list of some other amazing tools and apps.


Picuki is the same as Imginn. It is the most widely used Instagram tool. It is free of cost so the user can click his photos in the simple way ever. Any hashtags and updates can be investigated.


  Smihub is a well-known social media marketing tool. It will help you to stalk any other Instagram account without leaving any single fingerprint.


  Instastories also provide with the features of viewing stories, reels, and photos by just entering the username and clicking.


 Allsmo is another stunning Instagram tool that is free to use. This is alos used for SMM (social media marketing) to manage and analyze the social media analytics. It helps to download any content without paying a penny.


 Instalker helps to find out who is watching the Instagram account secretly. It has an application that provides you with all analysis about your Instagram account. It also provides the facility of watching and downloading videos and other content. It is also a safe app.

Wrapping up

Social media becomes a place where people share their life events and get more and more followers. Every human being knows about each other from one corner of the world to other. On social media like Instagram, now it becomes simpler and easier to follow and watch somebody without his knowing. Imginn enables you to download and watch stories and photos. But make sure when you are using this tool to use some reliable VPN. It will safe to use this tool with the best VPN service.


1: What are the advantages of Imginn?

  1. Quality downloading of photos, videos
  2. No need for payment
  3. It is anonymous

 2: How to watch anybody’s account or stories?

  1. Open Imginn website
  2. Enter your desired profile name,
  3. All relevant accounts it  will show
  4. Select the required one.
  5. Watch and download whatever you want

 3: Does Imginn helps me to view Highlights?

Yes, it will help you to view Highlights just by visiting the Instagram Highlight page.

 4: Does it show all private accounts and stories?

No, it does not support private accounts only account holders can view stories.

 5: Is Imginn anonymous?

 It allows to watch and follow someone without his permission and it can be used without any registration.

 6: Does it demand some payment?

No, this is totally free, you can use its all feature without paying a single amount.



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