Dumpor: Best Ever Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously in 2023

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Dumpor: Best Ever Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously in 2023

Dumpor is a tool that allows its users to watch and download Instagram reels, videos, and stories anonymously online without creating an account.

Instagram emerges the hidden talent of artistic ability by taking pictures and videos from different angles. It improves communication skills with other people. An Instagram user can have a wide range of social media networks on this platform.

This is the best way to transfer knowledge between two different persons sitting far away. For this purpose, it is essential to use a tool or any kind of website. And if you are looking for a free and private Instagram story viewer, then stay tuned, we are going to explain to Dumpor Instagram which is the best story viewer.

This is the best thing to watch Instagram stories, profiles, and followers. The tool helps to make social media reliable and easier for its users which makes your searching and browsing very easy.

Many digital marketers, bloggers, and many other brands and social media marketers use this tool for analyzing their accounts and making their presence on social media strong.

So here we will try to figure out, that how Dumpor is used to watch reels, profiles, and followers on Instagram privately.

Dumpor: Introduction

Dumpor is an online tool that helps to watch Instagram reels, profiles, followers, and stories with extra features of downloading content, anonymously Browsing, no search bounding, and analyzing Instagram profiles, followers and likes.

This is an incredible tool to download any type of insta content. Now download pictures or videos with this tool. Copy the URL from Instagram and put it in the link bar and download it.

The second thing is no need of logging in to the account to view all of your favorite stories. Now browsing on Instagram is anonymous. Now it depends on you what kind of hashtags and videos you want. Search for everything, you want but if you are looking to watch and download Insta reels then Smihub would be the best choice to do so.

Features of Dumpor

If we talk about marketing then we came to know that many business owners and digital marketers use Dumpor  Instagram viewer for enhancing their marketing. This also helps to find out the best ways to that what kind of parameters are used to create the best content that is most liked and shared among customers/audiences. Analyzing the account will help to attract more followers to the account.

Here are some features, we will explore:

  • Downloading the content from Instagram.
  • Without logging, browse anonymously stories, reels, and videos.
  • It automatically filters the most viewed stories and top trends
  • Dumpor IG tool also analyzes Instagram accounts for better marketing
  • User-friendly interface makes it the best choice for users and makes it easy to use and safe.
  • Main key feature is, it works with both public and private accounts
  • No subscription is required, which means this is free of cost
  • No Instagram credentials or any other account details are required  

How to use Dumpor?

Here is the step-by-step procedure, on how to use the App:

  • Open the Dumpor website on your device
  • Enter your required page or profile link and hit the search button
  • Switching between tags, stories, and profiles is possible
  • Results will show on your device screen select wanted search

How to Install Dumpor App?

App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store:

  • Open your app store from your device
  • Search for Dumpor
  • Click install
  • This will take some time after installation just login

How to download Instagram Stories or videos using dumpor App?

It allows downloading anything which entertains us. But we may have some issues later on downloading the content as it can violate the terms and conditions of the tool. Make sure that while downloading any content it must be from a real or original publisher or creator.

Here is the guide to downloading the content from the app:

  1. Open the app, and log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Search for the desired post, video, or story you want to download.
  3. Copy the link by selecting three dots at the upper right corner of the video or post.
  4. Then paste the URL into the Instagram Dumpor app and hit the Download button.
  5. Desired posts or videos will be downloaded.

Dumpor Alternative

This is an analytical tool for Instagram accounts that help to track stories, posts, and followers. But if you still found this tool not even enough then here are some alternatives to it that will definitely fit your marketing needs.

Social Blade

This is a tool that provides analytics for content creators, streamers, brands, and businesses. It uses advanced technology to give its users to access its database. It helps to find out influencers. Any streamer or content creator can use it to track down the rank and engage their post all across social media.

Instagram Insight

Users can find the analytics about his content and can view the matrices of his creation all across Instagram.


This tool analyzes all the matrices of Instagram accounts. Matrices like follower growth, content performance, etc.


Allsmo is also an alternative that provides some extra features to explore the analytics where a user can check the user activities on their dashboard. This tool is widely used across freelances and social media marketers.


Instalker helps you to find out who is viewing your profile. It also helps you to find out who blocked you and visit your account. It helps to find out fake followers. This tool also provides complete analytics of followers’ growth, engagements, and content performance across social media.

4K Stogram

This is an app for downloading photos, videos, and approximately all types of content from Instagram. There is a free 4k stogram app for your device and also a premium version is available with extra features.


This is a social media management tool used for Instagram account analytics. Analytics help to track down the business goal and performance and achievements. Different business owners and influencers use this tool for growing up their businesses through social media. It makes social media management strong.

Wrapping up

We tried to cover up Dumpor, so now we think, that your journey on Instagram becomes easier. Marketing of any product by brands and by content creation can be done quickly and all over the world without going to that location. Viewing any accounts’ information, analyzing it, and downloading it can be done by this tool.


1: Can I visit any account on Instagram by using the website?

Yes, many websites provide you with a platform where viewing any Instagram account and their stories, reels, and any content can be viewed.

2: Is dumpor safe for use?

Yes, it is totally safe as it has simple functionality and comes with a user-friendly interface.

3: How Dumpor is anonymous?

Dumpor provides access to their accounts anonymously. Scrolling the profile, finding their best and most entertaining content, and can view their personal info like bio, posts, followers and likes.


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Dumpor: Best Ever Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously in 2023

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